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    Interested in Respectfully sending a note to the one and only Mr. Jerry Lewis.<br />The marvelous, the wonderful, king of comedy, charismatic, dynamic, unforgettable talent, unparalleled genius of screen and stage.<br />A true treasure in the truest sense.<br />Mr. Jerry Lewis has been popping into my head off and on, and feel compelled, I respectfully send warm wishes and a Deep Heart felt Thank you to you Mr. Jerry Lewis for the pleasure and joy you have given over the decades.
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  1. Screening tonight: Who's Minding The Store, local TV, Vegas, I think midnight....

    Wow, really looking forward to seeing this incredible picture! :):jig:

  2. JL Thoughts and warm regards to you and your family.

  3. Geisha Boy screens on Vegas local TV late tonight!!!

  4. If you are in Vegas, Ladies Man screens on TV at 10 tonight!