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Patricia Kennedy Lawford Dead 82

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Swptember 19,2006

TO All JL Fans,

Patricia Kennedy Lawford sister of the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy,
First wife of "Rat Pack"fame actor Peter Lawford and mother to actor Christopher Lawford died
Suday Sept 17, 2006 in New York of complications of Pneumonia. She was 82 years old.

please read the articles about her below:

On a personal note: I never met her but heard she was a really great lady.
My Finders Assets client is her son Christopher Kennedy Lawford:

I should also say that I attended John F. Kennedy Memorial High School in Iselin. NJ.

MY Deepest Sympathies to all the Kennedy family
especially Christopher Lawford and his family:

Pat Kennedy Lawford Great Lady
may you rest in peace with our lord almighty and mother Mary and the angles:

Miss Margaret Ann Galasso (Annie) sad.gif sad.gif

Sister of President John F. Kennedy, wife of Peter Lawford

Patricia Kennedy Lawford, a sister of President John F. Kennedy who forged a marriage between politics and Hollywood with her wedding to actor Peter Lawford, died Sunday in New York of complications from pneumonia. She was 82.
Patricia Kennedy was the sixth child and fourth daughter of Rose and Joseph Kennedy's nine children.

Inspired by her father's career in the movie industry, Lawford set her sights on Hollywood at a young age and began working as an assistant in NBC's New York production department. She later moved to Los Angeles, working as an assistant for Kate Smith's radio program, and for Father Peyton's Family Theater and Family Rosary Crusade.

She met British actor Peter Lawford through her brother, the future president, in 1949. They were married in 1954 and had four children before divorcing in 1965. That year she moved to New York City, where she became a supporter of the city's arts scene.

Lawford is survived by four children and 10 grandchildren.

I Remember Pat Lawford

The death of Pat Kennedy Lawford brings back memories of the good times in Hollywood -- and the world.

The beautiful and classy Kennedy daughter and the handsome Hollywood star were the perfect pair for press of the '60s. I was happy to be one of them. In my columns of the weeks of July 1960, I would write about the Kennedy conclave in L.A. when John F. Kennedy received the Democrats' nod to be the Presidential candidate.

I was in the L.A. sports arena many of the convention nights and wrote having been on that platform one night with Peter Lawford, Tony Curtis and Frank Sinatra -- with John F. Kennedy.

Peter and Pat Lawford had partied the Kennedy clan in town. But I also wrote, "Lady Lawford, Peter's mom, is mucho miffed she hasn't been invited to any of the doings with the Kennedys. She accuses, "The Kennedys are rather snobbish." And recalls the engagement party of Pat K. to Peter, where, she says, "Joe Kennedy told me he was sorry his daughter was marrying an actor -- and an English actor at that!"

As history was to prove over the years, the marriage of the Lawfords, despite four children, was a sad story, the subject for constant coverage along with that of the rest of the Kennedy clan -- already headline fodder.

Peter and Pat Lawford's son, actor Christopher Kennedy Lawford, winged to New York, Monday morning for the final farewell to his mother. In his book, "Symptoms of Withdrawal," he writes, "My mother had struggled against the yoke of being a talented and willful female in a family and society that didn't really care what the women were up to as long as they were having lots of babies. (She had four). Her marriage to my father and her subsequent life in California were early attempts to find her own identity and be noticed outside of The Family. It's a miracle that I was born at all since neither of my parents was the marrying kind."

Chris has three children of his own from his first marriage to Jeannie -- David, Savannah and Matthew -- for whom he wrote his book, "So that you know who I am." He is now married to actress Lana Antonova with whom he filmed Anthony Hopkins' "Slipstream." In his book, Christopher writes of his mother's too-tragic, decade-long illnesses and surgeries which saddened family and friends. Her death this week brought to a close the once-thought, made-in-heaven-like romance.



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OK. One less ugly Kennedy to look at. Boy are those Kennedy women ugly or what? I think they are double baggers.



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It doesn't matter how ugly they are. There are still people who love them and who are sad when one of them dies. I'm no beauty queen, either, but there are people who love me and will miss me when I'm dead.




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Geesh Joe, that really sounded bad and negative. Like them or not, the Kennedy's were a class of their own.




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I don't know what she looked like, but I'm sure she was beautiful in the eyes of those who loved her.

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