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  1. BATMAN'S Adam West, 88

    http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/06/10/adam-west-tv-s-batman-dies-at-88-after-battle-with-leukemia-family-says.html JERRY of course was the very first guest cameo to pop out of the window of the building during a Bat Climb.
  2. Rickles, 90

    A terrble loss. Always made me laugh every time I saw him. Truly original act and one-of-a-kind legend. Eternal rest grant unto him and may perpetual light shine upon him. May God bless him and his family. Lots more laughter in the heavens now. Sadder even that it seems Jerry is about the only one left of the old guard now.
  3. Tonight Show with Johnny Carson heading to Antenna TV

    Wow what a tragedy!
  4. James Best Dead at 88

  5. Rod "Time Machine" Taylor Dead at 84

    Saw him on TCM last night in Richard Brooks' The Catered Affair with Bette Davis, Ernest Borgnine, and Debbie Reynolds. Rod was good in it as was all the cast. Terrific family drama. Having a screenplay by Gore Vidal from a television play by Paddy Chayefsky certainly helps.
  6. Anita Ekberg Dead at 83

    "Artists And Models" too.
  7. Rod "Time Machine" Taylor Dead at 84

    And famous for starring in Hitchcock's "Da Boids".
  8. 1967 DM Christmas Show w/ Sinatra

    Not sure but THANKS for posting it this time around. Really enjoyed the show -- especially the ending mentioning several different children's charities and hospitals as recipients of donated toys for Christmas gifts -- a nice sentiment (if a little long) to close the show on. LOVE the "A Marshmallow World" duet with Frank & Dean at the opening -- a fun song and they're definitely having fun with it!
  9. Singer Joe Cocker dead at 70

    Always loved his hit "Feelin' Alright ". He was a great talent and will surely be missed.
  10. Laurel and Hardy

  11. Laurel and Hardy

    Oh yeah...... Good point, Joe!
  12. Laurel and Hardy

    I'm sold now, Unc! Guess I just needed a little push. The L & H DVD Collection will be on my Christmas list as well as both The Nutty Professor: UCE Blu-ray set (was waiting for it to hit my price-target < $30) AND the single Blu-ray disc release. So much for financial discipline! Oy!
  13. Laurel and Hardy

    Love Laurel & Hardy and consider them almost the "perfect" comedy duo, if you will. As much as I collect classic movies and television shows on home video, it pains me that I have yet to purchase the latest (and best) Laurel & Hardy Collection (featuring restorations of their sound-era catalog) which far-and-away stands as the best video presentations ever of their work. Reason being: I assume it will inevitably be released on Blu-ray Disc so I continue to hold-off on purchasing the DVD set to avoid the collector's dreaded "double-dip".