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  1. This is just so sad i love Dallas and i met Larry several times he was a Lovely Man. Rip Larry.
  2. Michael Clark Duncan

    This is very sad he was great in The Green Mile http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-michael-clarke-duncan-dead-0903,0,7426494.story
  3. Ben Gazzara dies in NY at age 81

    i think he plays himself ill have to play the tape back its a long since ive seen it.
  4. Ben Gazzara dies in NY at age 81

    i have the run for your life episode on tape from years ago it was made roughly i think in 1967 and i think the episode is called down with willie hatch. the batman episode and the ben casey one is also on the same tape.
  5. That should read FRIEND......(Frind????).Ha,ha.

  6. Thanks for choosing me...as your frind.

    Be Lucky!

    Gerry x

  7. Peter Falk dies at 83

    So Sad
  8. Tony Curtis Dead at 85

    This is Sad, R.I.P Tony
  9. Another Dean Martin Site

    ive been a member there for over 2 years they tend to show alot of same posts that have been seen before.
  10. Joey Lewis Dead at 45, Son #6.

    does anyone know where i can read the story the link above is not working
  11. LV-Review on Gary Lewis

    Do you know where we can listen to the interview or view it.
  12. LV-Review on Gary Lewis

    Interesting Article well its confirmed
  13. Jerry Show Canceled HardRock Florida

    Hes supposed to be doing a show on the 21st Feb at the Ruth Eckard Hall does anyone know if thats been canceled.
  14. Jerry Show Canceled HardRock Florida

    According to this website Jerry has canceled his performance on the 19th Feb at HardRock Cafe in Florida due to his Accepatance of the Oscar Award on the 22nd. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/entertainment/...0,5405434.story
  15. French Lick

    Thanks for the report Goheat i do hope Jerry's alright and it wasnt serious theres nothing about it.