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  1. Could be a misprint on a Jerry Lewis episode perhaps.. I went to Antenna TV & looked at the listing, Jerry isn't even listed as appearing in the next week. Here's the current next week lineup. http://affiliate.zap2it.com/tv/johnny-carson/EP02309962?aid=antennatv
  2. What a bunch of crap! Antenna TV wished Don Rickles a Happy 90th Birthday & showed a clip. Jerry just got snubbed yet again. His 90th already passed! Earlier this year they wished William Shatner & a few others Happy Birthday. I should write them another message..er complaint.
  3. They told me they would air an episode with him in the future! Antenna TV We will be airing Jerry Lewis on Johnny Carson in the future.
  4. I'm beginning to think also Lewis will have to die before Antenna TV recognizes him, but he said he will live till 100 so they may never play his appearances!!! Honestly we've been getting the same guests over & over again: Buddy Hackett, David Steinberg, Kreskin, Dick Cavett. I mean come on show some new guests. I have to say this they sure can pick shows, meaning the same over & over again. At least the Vault Series who never gave Lewis a solo appearance as of yet, at least had a variety of guests on. Props to them at least finally releasing the last part of the 10th anniversary show with Lewis on it By the way I just sent Antenna TV a second message on Facebook to show him. If anyone is on Facebook, drop them a line, the more the better. Tell them to air an episode or two of his. They have an entire page on Facebook and they reply to every response or at least get them.
  5. shocker-gary shandling dies

    Man! Thats crazy. I just bought the Larry Sanders Show sometime back & got hooked on the first 2 seasons.. I never found the rest of the series, I will have to get a hold of them somehow & give the rest a look.. didnt see him in anything else really besides the Tongight Show. Wonder if Antenna TV will celebrate him, if they do I think it will be quite sad how Jerry got snubbed on his 90th birthday. Why do you always have to die to get remembered? Its a bunch of crap to me. You never show anyone any thought until after they have gone
  6. Yeah I noticed how they stripped or rushed a few of the endings.. I'm certain on the Uri Geller show they rushed the whole end piece of the show.. I have the original on VHS I bought a long time ago.. have been wanted to convert it to digital, but at least I know its complete & untouched, except its gonna be muddy picture being dubbed over & over again onto VHS tapes before thye could be done quick & easy like now.. Also the guest choosing is ridiculous! Already David Steinberg I think has made several apperarnces, Buddy Hackett too. Heck even next week on both nights where they air full 90 minute shows McLean Stevenson gets to be on back to back!! I mean I like McLean but Whose picking the guests? The same ones are on over & over again. Wheres some of the other greats? The 90 minute shows should be picked a lot more wiser.. they had a few good ones.. but there should be a whole lot better ones being chosen.
  7. I'm actually upset that for Lewis's 90th Birthday he didn't even get a Tonight Show release I mean come on he was at least on the '72 & '73 show that weve seen. There is even a 1975 episode when he was on.. They can release anything from 1972 on.. pathetic how its been the same guests over & over again. I mean I love the line-up but show more variety!!
  8. ClassicKat I'd love to see that 1973 appearance of Jerry again on the Tonight Show if you can find it and possibly upload it???
  9. When I went to LA to the Museum of TV they did have the Mad World show in their database.. I was only allowed 90 minutes to view anything I wanted I saw Lewis on the Tonight Show in 1973, and with only a limited amount of time left I briefly scanned the Mad World Episode.. Only thing I remember was seeing most of the cast & Jerry had a remote controlled desk that went way up in the air, no joke.
  10. I'd love to see the 1973 again, if it's the one I saw or whatever you have ClassicKat :) too bad I missed the Mel Brooks show I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere, perhaps someone recorded it...
  11. Are those the later episodes after the November 1972 appearance? I remember he was on in 1973 in April I believe, I saw that one at the Television museum in Los Angeles, I'd love to see that one again.. Then I found a date of an appearance in 1975, all the others I found were of him hosting. Did you find the ones after November 1972 or were you actually able to find appearances pre 1972 in New York? I've looked for ages for New York footage but apart from one clip I found in 1970 those are few & far apart to find.
  12. Too bad I'm missing all these great shows with no Antenna TV in my house I asked for a Lewis episode awhile back from Antenna, gave them 3 dates he was on after 1972, maybe they will air some of them.. here's hoping
  13. I do admit there is some Carson shows that never gelled with me, but if you stick with it awhile sometimes you got something special, especially with one of the great guests.... The 90 minute shows I feel are superior to the 60 minute format, because Carson gave his guests a chance to breath, open up about themselves, and he was always very gracious as far as I've seen to all his guests, & furthermore he let the guest talk & wasn't afraid to do comedy on himself or have the guests pull stunts on him.. It took me awhile to dig Carson but if you can get through the not so memorable episodes, you may find something special there :)
  14. I guess I'm one of the select few who like Carson & I was born in 1990! I must admit though the first time I saw Carson I didn't much care for him, but I didn't care for Lewis either at first & most other comedy greats, then I came around & saw the error of my ways!! :P lol. Also most of the stuff from the past it has dated & since I didn't live back in that time I don't get all the jokes as well, I guess that's just natural with the content & passing of time, but some of it is still golden if you take the time to look for it. While digging up some info I came across that Antenna TV will be airing 366 episodes this year, no repeats. Perhaps this time around we will get at least a Lewis episode out of the bunch
  15. David Brenner

    Wow!! I didn't know he was that old. I've only watched him on the old Tonight Show & I guess his youth got stuck in my head, how sad. I just picked up The new Vault Series shows & I believe he's on one of the shows. I will definitely check out his appearance on it. Sad to learn about his passing.