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  1. SNL Turns 40

    wow. you guys are tough. It's an American Icon
  2. Ed McMahon has died

    I just read it too...VERY Sad...what a SWEET SWEET man. He will be missed. I met Ed and his wife and worked very briefly with his daughter.
  3. Ed McMahon in the Hospital...

    As I've posted in the past I had met Ed as well...SUPER NICE MAN!!!
  4. 2009 Appearance Schedule

    thanks Indy
  5. 2009 Appearance Schedule

    if one where to go to the Illinois Show...does anyone have a clue where to stay? I could find cheap airfare ($150) out of philly.
  6. Jerry Lewis LIVE in Tucson, AZ Dec. 11 ?

    Why is EVERY Concert on dates I can't possibly go??? MAy 31st was my cousins wedding. We have plans on July 26th and my son's 4th b-day is dec 10. not to mention Dec 11th is a Thursday. COME TO FOXWOODS JERRY!!!!!
  7. 24

    i do! but i have not seen last nights yet...so shhhhhh!
  8. i don't see the symbols... anyway...IMHO...is Joey Bishop big enough to warrent a TV GALA??
  9. Phyllis Diller at 89

    saw the title...thought it was gonna be an obit!
  10. Jan Murray Dead at 89

    not sure of the years....but he was for sure on the telethon
  11. Actor Richard Stahl dies

    did he play Laverne's Dad?
  12. Rosie O'Donnell -Yuk

    being a former TV person, i can tell you Rosie is NOT well liked
  13. Rosie O'Donnell -Yuk

    i dislike her immensly.
  14. Sandra Dee dies

    this got me SO nervous...SAM. SANDEE....i did a double take