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  1. Casey Kasem

    Randy West, game show announcer and friend, added this on Facebook, figured it was worth sharing. "There was so much feedback from the amazing Casey Kasem story, I looked into further into the situation. Our mutual agent, Don Pitts, confirms that although Casey is of sound mind, he can't speak and can barely walk. "He has Parkinson's, has it very bad. It took his speech, and for somebody who made millions of dollars using his voice -- for him to lose that gift, that beautiful instrument -- it must be frustrating." Daughter Kerri and others have told the press that her stepmom, Jean Kasem, has barred Casey's children and several close friends from seeing him. Kerri says, "All the research we've done indicates socialization would help him." It's been three months since the kids have been banned from the estate, but Kerri remembered about her last visit, "He can't really speak, but he knows we're there." Kerri has said she knows that she and her siblings have been removed from their dad's will, and is making no claim for money. She says they just want to see her father. Unreal!"
  2. Cherish life, my friends. Tell the people you love you mean it every chance you get. I love all of you. http://www.tmz.com/2...ke-duncan-dead/ EDIT - Merge this, please, gang - thanks SueandJerry
  3. Thomas Kinkade, the "Painter of Light" and one of the most popular artists in America, died suddenly Friday at his Los Gatos home. He was 54. Source: http://www.mercurynews.com/los-gatos/ci_20344195/thomas-kinkade-one-nations-most-popular-painters-dies
  4. Wife of Martin Short has died.

    Per CNN.com .....My prayers go out to his wife's family and to Marty and his three kids, of course.
  5. Eddie Murphy on 'Nutty 3'

    Really....how much can you do with a nerdy, fat (in Eddie's case), unloved guy and a thin son of a (bleep!) - I saw the first two Murphy re-makes when they came out - I'm not a huge fan of the guy - The first was funny to me as a 7 year old (HERCULES! HERCULES!), the second one was okay because of Janet Jackson (thanks, puberty!)....this one, I'm not exactly thrilled about. HOWEVER - It can't be worse than "Pluto Nash", that movie Eddie made after Nutty 2. THAT movie was crap - only saved for me personally by Rosario Dawson (Thanks again, puberty! lol)
  6. Merlin Olsen Dead at 69

    Lest us telethon junkies forget, Merlin was with John and Marie all those years on the CMN shows. He was a good person. So sorry to hear....
  7. Joey Lewis Dead at 45, Son #6.

    What Gary is also forgetting is that his father has helped to raise over 2 BILLION bucks for a disease with no cure (yet). Sad. Condolences to all. Here's hoping time heals all wounds.
  8. Wayne Newton to retire?

    Jose has that clip, mama - 1980. In fact, it was about his first daughter.
  9. Michael Jackson Dead at 50

    Sad loss, no matter what you think of him. RIP.
  10. Ed McMahon has died

    Simply put, from my Facebook / Twitter accounts: RIP, Ed McMahon. The GREATEST ANNOUNCER of all time. You will be missed by MDA.... Debello (and everyone else): I passed on my condolences to Jerry (through Penny Rice) and got Bob Mackle from MDA on his cell phone, as we worked closely together on the radiothon. Penny said to certainly expect an official statement from Jerry shortly, and Bob said he will definitely be missed by MDA and will be impossible to replace.
  11. 5/8 Wabash, Indiana show

    Ditto, Audi. Ryan Jerk-Turkey, haha!
  12. Big Ed Settles Lawsuit

    If they need someone to fill in for Ed - I'm available!
  13. Because we all love ED!

  14. Ed McMahon in the Hospital...

    I just heard it on the radio. I'm praying for Ed. The telethon won't be the same without him when his time finally comes.