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    I am an actor, and voice artist. Currentely the voice of Jerry Lewis in a stage show "THE RAT PACK LIVE" touring the UK.
    My interests are the theatre and film, especially the Martin & Lewis era. Jerry is a hero of mine, and I am fortunate enough to know him.
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  1. Dennis Farina Dead at 69-Law and Order

    A real sad loss. RIP.
  2. When I was young it was "SUPERCAR", and then we had all them wonderful programmes that followed "Stingray" and "Thunderbirds". A unique talent.
  3. Jack Klugman Dead at 90

    Sadly...for me, I couldn't watch it all through. Such a lovely old gentleMan, the actor we all knew from The Odd Couple wasn't present, just Jack. RIP Jack.
  4. Sean Hayes to play Larry Fine

    Maybe, just maybe we won't get it here in Britain?
  5. Monkees Davy Jones Dead at 66

    Manchester is about an hour away from Liverpool. Both cities are in the North West of England. The wealth of talent that has come from there is enormous. The small boy that played a small part in the "Coronation Street" TV soap, went on to leave these shores for the new world, and to make his fortune. He certainly did that. Bless you Dave. Thank you for all the music and all the laughs.
  6. Ben Gazzara dies in NY at age 81

    Ben Gazzara, just watching him one one of the home movies shot by Roddy McDowell. Lived the life. Sad Loss. RIP.
  7. Mr. Pitt on "Seinfeld", dies at 77

    Sad news. RIP.
  8. A tribute to Anne Francis,

    Thanks Boo. She is a delight to see.

    Director DON SHARP was 89, and was best known for his contribution to HAMMER FILMS in the fifties. "KISS OF THE VAMPIRE" 1963 and "WITCHCRAFT" in 1964, when he gave the ailing LON CHANEY Jr, a leading role. As Horror fell out of favour he went onto make "CALLAN" and then "THE 39 STEPS" in 1978. Always classed as reliable jobbing director, he worked mostly in the United States on TV series. RIP DON.
  10. Harry Morgan from MASH dies at age 96

    Consumate actor. He could be literally anything you wanted. Goodbye Mr. Morgan, and thank you.
  11. Very sad. I remember him clearly, as if were just yesterday.
  12. Hal Kanter Dies at 92

    Yeah, Boo, it's OK for us young ones, but you older guys............. Remember..."Your Never Too Young".
  13. That should read FRIEND......(Frind????).Ha,ha.

  14. Thanks for choosing me...as your frind.

    Be Lucky!

    Gerry x

  15. John Howard-Davies Dies

    To many his name will not ring a bell. To a few in the business, he was a mega star, albeit behind the glass. John Howard-Davies, began life as a child actor, appearing alongside Sir Alec Guiness in Oliver Twist in 1948 ( great film) and followed it with Tom Browns Schooldays. But it was as a producer he was to make his name. "MONTY PYTHONS FLYING CIRCUS/PORRIDGE/FAWLTY TOWERS and loads more. He was a genius at choosing what the next big thing in Brit TV was going to be. John was 72, and he died of Cancer. Yesterday 23rd August 2011.