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  1. 5/8 Wabash, Indiana show

    it was vinnie falcone at the piano
  2. 5/8 Wabash, Indiana show

    great pics thanks i was at the show too, but did not have as good an angle and my camera isnt great either
  3. 5/8 Wabash, Indiana show

    well after wondering if i should or shouldnt i decided to go to the show in st charles and if my plane is on time, i should be there so heres hoping for good weather and if you are going i hope to see you there
  4. 2009 Appearance Schedule

    If i were to fly into ord airport will it be easy getting a cab to the theater and then back to ord how long do you think the ride would take thanks
  5. 2009 Appearance Schedule

    is anyone planning to go the show in st charles ill. on may 9 i'm only thinking about it right now, but have not made plans yet
  6. Jerry Lewis LIVE in Tucson, AZ Dec. 11 ?

    [there isnt much i can add to jeanetts review except that the show was shorter than indio, only about an hour and a half, maybe because he skipped the jolson medley and i thought the audience was great - very responsive from start to finish
  7. Jerry Lewis LIVE in Tucson, AZ Dec. 11 ?

    hi jeanette i'm going i remember you from the indio concert section 102 row f seat 12 i'll see you guys there
  8. Jerry Lewis Live in FL - 2/21/09

    hi all i got the same thing on ticketmaster so i call the venue and bought a vip ticket which includes a meet and greet for $150and i got row 6 still not sure if i'll go, but i do have a ticket