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  1. "Dean & Frank"

    It should be much earlier than the 1976 thelethon meeting; they look younger and fresher; it would be interesting to know when it was taken. sergio

    I first learned about the importance of Sonny King in favouring the meeting of Dino and Jerry by reading the 82' biography of Jerry; you can feel a sincere feeling on the side of Jerry in the pages where he recollects that night of 46' spent in Sonny's room; the three of them chatting and joking up to dawn, and with Jerry fascinated by listening to Dean telling about his youth and his first illegal efforts to make a live. sergio
  3. Argentina Brunetti Dies

    From what told me by a friend of mine, who had the opportunity to meet and interview her some years ago, Argentina Brunetti was a gentle and splendid old woman, with so many Hollywood stories and anecdotes to tell, drawn from her very long artistical life; her autobiography, released some months ago, should be interesting and fun! Sergio