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  1. Andy Williams

    Back in the "olden days", for my "sweet sixteen" birthday, it was just a wonderful small party with my 3 best girlfriends. They all knew what to get me- Andy Williams albums. (I was going through an Andy Williams phase.) I think "Moon River", and "The Days of Wine and Roses" were among the songs included. I just loved his voice. Now when I listen to early recordings of his, I notice there is a lot of echo used. That is just the way he liked to record. He had a beautiful voice. Barbara
  2. Composer Marvin Hamlisch dies at age 68

    I was looking through some of the Marvin Hamlisch programs on Utube and he was talking to an interviewer about some of his early "gigs', one of which was being the reheasal pianist for the Bell Telephone Hour Program on television. I found this one that was supposed to be an informal rehearsal with Liza Minneli, but it is obviously well staged. I thought Liza sounds great here, but I was so taken with Marvin Hamlisch's piano playing and his whole persona. He is so enthusiastic, and so into the music. He had such a talent for this gendre of music. He looks so trim and healthy here as well, unlike more recent photos. I have added this to my "favorites". Barbara
  3. Composer Marvin Hamlisch dies at age 68

    Wish I knew what he died of. I must admit that I hadn't seen a photograph of Marvin Hamlish in years, and the more recent photographs of him seemed to me like he was not in good health. I lived in Birmingham, Alabama for about 9 years during the '80s, and Marvin came down on several occasions to conduct the pops orchestra and play the piano, so I saw him in live performances a number of times. Besides being younger, he looked more robust and healthy at that time. As part of his act, he would mimic singers and his impression of Johnny Mathis was just hilarious! He would exaggerate the singer's voice while he played the song, "Misty" (made popular by the singer) on the piano. He could just play anything and I loved his performances. Another part of his act would be to ask members of the audience to call out phrases and he would compose a song to them (lyrics and music) right on the spot. Wish I could remember some of those but it was so entertaining. He was supposed to conduct the NY Philharmonic this Dec. for the New Years Eve performance. What a terrible loss. I am really feeling this for some reason. Barbara
  4. Mickey Rooney

    From what I have read, the stepson is Jan's son and she is siding with her son. Last July when I went on a trip for a week to Los Angeles to visit my family, Mickey Rooney happened to be on the plane. I think I saw him on the return trip to NY. I was sitting near the back and I didn't know he was on the plane until I saw him making his way down the aisle and he gave someone a little nod. He was wearing shorts, and didn't have a cane. He looked good. At age 90, it was a little difficult to recognize him, but I was sure it was Mickey Rooney. I believe I saw him afterwards with an airport employee helping him into the elevator. (Mickey was in a wheel chair.) There were two wheel chairs, so I guess his wife was using the other one Barbara
  5. Delusion at Liberace Museum

    When they showed his 1950 movie called "Sincerely Yours" about a concert pianist that goes deaf, in reruns on television, I became a fan of his and the movie for a period of time. (The movie was a critical failure but I liked it.) I went to see him do a show at a theater in Los Angeles. I remember not caring for the glaring outfits, and preferred just the dark suits he wore when he first had his television program. But I guess it was good for business. I just never liked the outfits but enjoyed his piano playing. Sad to hear the museum is closing. Barbara
  6. Eddie Fisher Dies

    I just loved Eddie Fisher's voice. I thought it was beautiful and wished that all the bad stuff never happened so that he would be remembered only as a great singer. The first movie I ever saw as a child was "Bundle of Joy" that he did with his then wife Debbie Reynolds. I just loved that movie even though Eddie Fisher was embarrased by it, according to his autobiography. When it was on Turner Classic Movies, I taped it and now have it. I also have a recording of the music from the movie and I find it is something very special. Last year for some reason, I was bringing up some of his Coke Time programs that were on Utube. I looked today and couldn't find the one where he was singing the song "Young and Foolish". Not the updated faster version with the beat that he did at a later time (hated that) but the classic slow song. I thought his voice lent itself to that particular song so well and I would prefer listening to him sing that song more than anyone. Another song that he was well known for was "Sunrise Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof. I remember him singing that on television, probably something like the Ed Sullivan Show. I wished that he could have had a longer career without him getting into drugs etc. but I will always remember him fondly and as a great talent and performer. When I turn on the radio stations today it's hard to believe that we used to be able to listen to great pop singers singing songs from the great American songbook. Barbara
  7. Joey Lewis Dead at 45, Son #6.

    I am very sad for the family, but was kind of amazed at Gary's remarks. He is also a parent. You don't always have control over what your child does or does not do. Barbara
  8. On Turner Classic Movies Monday night, they showed "Bells are Ringing" (1960) with Judy Holliday and Dean Martin. I had seen this on video a few times, but not very recently. It was a favorite of mine and the songs are great. Only Monday night, after not seeing it in so long, I realized that the story line was that the writer (played by Dean Martin) had lost his partner a year ago, and he was drinking hard and sleeping all day. Judy's character, Ella Peterson who works as his answering service and knows about his personal life, saves him and they fall in love. Dean Martin did very well in the movie, but Judy Holliday was such a talented actress, comedienne, and singer that I thought that she carried the movie. I believe she was in the broadway play. Sadly, she died of cancer 5 years later at the age of 44. Barbara
  9. Frankie Avalon? I've been watching American Idol each time and I can't believe I missed him! Barbara
  10. LV-Review on Gary Lewis

    Why this show??? Barbara
  11. 2009 Appearance Schedule

    THANK YOU!! Barbara
  12. 2009 Appearance Schedule

    If he comes to NY again, please make a HUGE announcement. I missed the last one and am still not over it. Thanks, Barbara
  13. Van Johnson Dead at 92

    I was interested that Lucille Ball was mentioned in that article. For some reason, I don't remember any of Van Johnson's movies, but I do remember extremely well when he was a guest on "I Love Lucy" and they did a bit where she was his dancing partner at a show and he sang and they danced to the song "How About You". It was just wonderful! Barbara
  14. Is Paul Newman sick?

    My guess is that Paul Newman has been going through chemotherapy treatments. That would account for the change in his appearance. Very sad. Barbara
  15. Andy Griffith at Age 81

    I also enjoyed this movie, especially the leading actress and Andy Griffith. However, I got upset while watching the part of the abusive husband and left the movie rather depressed. Don't know why I had a reaction like that. Barbara