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  1. Julius La Rosa_86

    We've lost Juli baby. RIP.
  2. :J-Hi: Ahhhhhh! Nothing like a good ol' Dean Martin Roast. Nobody could host a roast like Dino! We all miss him very much.
  3. Soupy Sales dies at 83

    We miss you Soupy. RIP
  4. Ed McMahon has died

    Larry King is on now and will pay tribute to Ed. He'll have Doc Severinsen on, now Doc is the last survivor from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. Johnny is gone, Freddie de Cordova, Skitch Henderson, Tommy Newsom and now our beloved Ed McMahon all have been called home.
  5. Ed McMahon has died

    Very sad news this morning that we have lost Big Ed. He will be sorely missed. May he rest in Peace. Thanks for everything Mr. McMahon .
  6. Ed McMahon in the Hospital...

    I heard about this on the local news here in Los Angeles. Please keep Big Ed in your prayers. http://www.theinsider.com/news/1748956_Ed_...ith_Bone_Cancer
  7. Ed McMahon Math

    It appears that Ed owes alot of money to others not just the mortgage. Donald Trump is doing a smart thing. He is very good with financial affairs so I think he is doing what is in Ed's best interest. Donald will own the house, sort of an investment, although California real estate has gone down the tubes the past year. This will keep Ed and his wife from getting into more trouble by using the house as a piggy bank and spending all the home equity line of credit. I saw a clip on ET of Trump saying that Ed's financial crisis is a real mess. I hope he can sort it all out for Ed. I believe Donald is doing this out of the goodness of his heart and it was just in time because I heard that the bank was within days of throwing Ed and his wife out on the street.
  8. Ed McMahon Math

    :J-Clapping: Thank you Mr. Donald Trump! It took a fan of Ed McMahon to save him. Like I said in a previous post, Where was Mrs. Johnny Carson with her 200 million dollars that Johnny left her? Thanks again Mr. Trump, you are truly a class act.
  9. Ed McMahon Math

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former television star Ed McMahon's financial and legal woes worsened on Wednesday -- as well as fighting to save his home from foreclosure, he is now being sued for not paying a lawyer hired for his daughter. McMahon, 85, long-time sidekick to talk show host Johnny Carson, failed to pay divorce attorney Norman Solovay $275,168, according to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court. McMahon and his wife, Pamela, hired Solovay to represent Linda Schmerge, his daughter from another relationship, in a "matrimonial matter," said Solovay's lawyer, Michael Shanker. A representative for McMahon, most famous for his 30 years of introducing Carson with his trademark "Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny" and hosting popular TV talent show "Star Search" in the '80s and '90s, was not immediately available for comment. McMahon has been fighting to save his multimillion dollar Beverly Hills home from foreclosure since February, when his mortgage lenders filed a notice of default. Then earlier this month, McMahon sued a Los Angeles hospital, claiming its doctors failed to diagnose his broken neck after a fall and discharged him without taking an X-ray. He has said that the injuries from the fall have kept him from working and have contributed to him falling about $644,000 in arrears on the mortgage for the six-bedroom, five-bathroom home in an exclusive area of Beverly Hills. (Reporting by Edith Honan, editing Michelle Nichols and Sandra Maler) Is it ever going to end for this poor soul? This is what big hearted Ed gets for trying to help people. I hope he wins some money from his broken neck fall so he can pay everyone off and put all of this behind him.
  10. Ed McMahon Math

    I saw the first of the Jimmy Kimmel and Ed commercials for Pontiac. It was hilarious :J-Clapping: . Good to see ol' Ed back on his feet sharing quips with young Kimmel. And thank you Jimmy Kimmel for hiring Ed and appreciating his talent. I think Jimmy Kimmel is the best late night show host in the business today. Keep up the great work Jimmy! I hope Ed can get his finances in order. It bewilders me though that there is no word from Johnny Carson's young widow. I wonder what she's doing with the reported 200 million that Johnny left her after he passed away. You would think that she could throw a mil or two Ed's way. I bet if Johnny was still alive that this situation would have been all resolved behind closed doors and Ed would not have had to go public with this.
  11. Ed McMahon Math

    HOORAY for JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :J-Clapping: http://www.hollywood.com/news/Jay_Leno_Voi...McMahon/5253098
  12. Ed McMahon Math

    Boo, I agree. Ed is probably involved in some sort of slip and fall law suit. I hope that is the case and he can garner some sort of settlement so he can use the money to pay his bills, keep his house and not be evicted and thrown out on the street. What a horrible thought that this great man could end up homeless with his wife and seven dogs. I worry though, if there is a lawsuit, many times when a victim of Ed's age is involved the party being sued will have their lawyers drag it out as long as possible hoping that the victim will just die in the meantime. The situation comes to mind when the great jazz singer Peggy Lee was suing The Disney Company over profits from the sales of video tapes and dvds of the animated classic "Lady and the Tramp" in which she provided her voice and songs. In the original contract with Walt Disney she was to share in the profits of any rerelease of the film. Well, the team of Disney lawyers gave her the works and strung it out for years until she died. And as far as I know Peggy Lee or her family never received a penny in that case.
  13. Ed McMahon's Foreclosure

    This is shocking news indeed. I figured that Mr. Carson paid Ed very well. It could be that this financial set back is due to him being raked over the coals by his ex-wife. Remember the younger gal who cheated on him with a Beverly Hills cop. I think Ed has to pay alimony to her for the rest of her life. Tragic. A good soul like Ed doesn't deserve this at his age. To top it off he recently fell and broke his neck so he can't work anymore. Ed's a fighter though as that fall would have killed most 85 year olds. Let's all keep Ed in our prayers that he makes it through this.
  14. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In was a great show, for it's time. Joe is correct, you will never see it rerun in it's original one hour episodes because it was 90% topical humor of the 60's and early 70's. The kids today wouldn't know what the hell they were talking about. However, I feel lucky I was able to watch those shows first run and enjoy the great talent of Dan Rowan & Dick Martin who were at that time the #1 comedy team in the world. God Bless Dan Rowan & Dick Martin for giving the world the best medicine of all, the gift of laughter. You bet your sweet Bippy that Mr. Rowan was waiting at the pearly gates to welcome Mr. Martin home. I can hear them now: Rowan says, "Say Goodnight Dick" and Martin retorts with a hearty, "Goodnight Dick!".............Goodnight Dick Martin and thanks for all the laughs.
  15. Charlton Heston dies

    Am I the only one here that likes Charlton Heston? I was very saddened to hear of his passing although it's a blessing since he was ravaged by Alzheimer's disease the last five years. I met Mister Heston about ten times over the past 15 years at various events and I can say that he was always good to his fans and never turned down an autograph request. In fact, he appeared at the Hollywood Collectors Show in 2000 to sign autographs, the charge was only ten dollars per signed photo with all of the money going to charity (The Hollywood Preservation Society). I watched in awe as he sat there for five hours straight with an unending line of autograph seekers. He never took a break and the line was eventually cut off as Mister Heston was becoming exhausted. I was one of the last in the line and thanked him for coming, he in turn, with his eyes red and teary from signing hundreds of pictures looked up at me, shook my hand and thanked me for coming to donate to one of his favorite charities. The man was a Superstar and a legendary actor. As Moses and Ben Hur his acting is larger than life. He starred in three of the greatest science fiction movies ever: Planet of the Apes, The Omega Man and Soylent Green. He was a good man, a religious man, a family man, married to the same woman for 64 years. Oh, and may I add he volunteered his time to the MDA Telethon as well. As far as the NRA and gun owners rights that was his right and passion to protect something he believed in as an American. God Bless Charlton Heston. He was a one of a kind original that we will never see the likes of ever again.