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  1. Leonard Cohen, 82

    Loved his voice and much more about him. Le sigh, as Boo would say.
  2. Musician Prince dead at 57

    Thanks, Unc. What a celebration of Prince's art. It brought tears back again.
  3. Loved this early video of her on The Midnight Special. Don't you miss the '70s?
  4. Ben E King..

    Paul looked really good there. Never saw him with his hair that short before.
  5. Ed who?

    Saw her sitting naked - on a toilet - for a "comedic" intro to one of the awards shows a couple of years ago. Didn't know much about her, but I have had no desire to see any of her stuff since. I wish I could un-see that.
  6. Robin Williams, 63

    Years ago, probably 1991, Robin Williams introduced JL for a Cable ACE award, the Comic Life Achievement Award. He donned a beret and a French accent and went on and on in a disparaging fashion about JL deserving an "ass" award - until he feigned being corrected by someone behind the camera, then changed to a more upbeat tone, commending Jerry for receiving the "ACE" award. It was just one more of Robin's brilliant moments in entertainment. It was hilarious!
  7. Robin Williams, 63

  8. Rosie is Back-Unfortunately

    "Maybe it's just her phony smile look." Perhaps she's subjected her face to Botox and can't change her expression.
  9. Letterman Retires

    When I saw Uncle's post, I thought, "Noooooooooooooo........" I love Colbert in character, skewering the people who need skewering by whatever means. The end is now in sight for that guy. But I also love the real Colbert, the lovable, mischievous, big-hearted guy. I hope success isn't too hard on him.
  10. And was Dean really that muscular? It may have been the '60's version of Photoshop. All that dirt flying around in the background makes me think that this photo wasn't really real.
  11. New Dean Martin CD set

    The French have country music??
  12. Such a pity. He did great work, which always made me look forward to his next role. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/03/movies/philip-seymour-hoffman-actor-dies-at-46.html?_r=0
  13. Connie Francis Hosting Telethon

    Isn't the Military Channel run by the U.S. government? I wonder how carefully Connie Francis has to word her plea to us to help the vets that the U.S. government can't provide care for.
  14. Who is it?

    I tried to delete this topic because it was a duplicate (except for the photo) but unfortunately, the site only lets moderators delete topics. Could someone please merge this to the other topic of the same name?
  15. This subject seems to be a common theme in Hollywood and in our society in general. Who is the baby daddy? There is hardly any doubt in my mind. And from what I've read, the Sinatra clan(except for Barbara) has accepted Ronan as one of their own. Maybe he's had a DNA test already? Regardless, he seems to be a very accomplished young man.