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  1. Wow, so young (relatively speaking). An American Treasure, he will be sorely missed. Wonderful that (one of) his last gifts to us was scoring the music for The Nutty Professor Musical. [Did not know that he did the music for the (ok) movie, The Informant. I did some "diggin'" and found an old cassette tape of an Easter Seal Telethon (1981, I believe), and, sure enough, I have audio of Jerry and Mr. Hamlisch --when he hosted the New York portion of the telethon (is this right, Jose?). So, attached is the audio portion of that (about 8 minutes). The quality is just OK -- heavy on the bass -- but is audible enough to enjoy ( I hope!). Especially poignant is Jerry singing "The Way We Were"; also, a hilarious improv skit, where Marvin and Jerry elicit song titles from the audience, and come up with a little ditty , on the spot! Enjoy. EST81wJerryMarvinHamlisch8MBEDIT.mp3
  2. Hi all, I remember Fred on several Telethons, notably Telethon '80 and '81, and the great '84 appearance mentioned above. For those who don't have the '84 show, the video clip (with Sammy) is featured on Travalena's web site: http://www.fredtravalena.com/sammy.html May both he and Ed rest in peace; I'm sure they're all having a great party wherever they're now at... Mike
  3. Hi all, Just had to reply and (even though he passed away some 9 months ago, and that he and Jerry may not have been close the past decade or so) I am saddened and offer my condolences to his family. Three memories of Louie (and there are many!) from mid-late '70s telethons: - The Reunion Dean and Jerry '76: Taking the mike from Frank and watching and smiling, in awe of the moment - Towards the end of one show, where he takes off his tie and/or he does something with Jerry's tie, and they hug - Louie throwing the chair/ stool for Jerry to sit on right before he sings "...Walk Alone" At the end of the telethon, Jerry usually mentioned Lou last, as his musical director for the past ____ years, my "best", "closest", or "dearest Friend". It was always touching and heartwarming to see them together, the way Jerry fooled around and joked with him. I think one telethon he said that Lou was one of the only people that would talk/be straight with him, not bowing down to him and his ego or take any crap from him, and would put him in his place when needed. If they did have a falling out, it's a true shame, then; very regrettable. Fortunately, Anthony and Scott went to his funeral service. Here's to Lou Brown, a standout conductor and musical director and (it seems like) a true giant and a wonderful man.