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  1. Jeanne Martin

    sad news....She was 89. Tough month for the Martin family.
  2. well , I know a lot of Italians who live on Long Island. That's the way they are. So, I don't think he was playing up anything I thought his whole style was great.....his singing was fine, not great.....but he has a presence to him that can't be taught. It's part of the whole performance, not just the actual singing. He has charm.....just like the young Dean had in a nightclub. I mean, he is only 20......
  3. Dean's Birthday

    yep....something FS should have done too.....
  4. Dean's Birthday

    Happy 99th Birthday to Dino......the greatest straight man that ever lived.
  5. The Oscar Controversy

    well, to each his own but I have seen a lot of Will Smith movies thru the years and have always admired him as an actor but I felt like his performance was terrible in this movie....did you enjoy his Nigerian accent in this movie?? It was embarrassing ......he sounded like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America.....they should have cast a real Nigerian actor for this part (there are a few in Hollywood) but went with an A liner which bombed. Obviously others agree because he would have been nominated if it was a worthy performance.
  6. The Oscar Controversy

    It's ridiculous. I saw the Will Smith movie that was passed over for best picture and him for best actor.....know why it was passed over? The movie sucked and he was terrible. Are we now going to overlook bad performances and nominate simply on skin color?? I guess the same Academy that picked "12 years a slave" as best picture is now suddenly racist 2 years later because there are no black nominees this year. Joe, I noticed there is an Italian, Leonard DiCaprio . who has been nominated 5 times without winning.....should we boycott this year?? .......ridiculous......
  7. "Tammy Faye dies"

    I always said I would never let cancer do that to me.......constant pain, looking like a skeleton, wasting away like an animal..... I would take advantage of the Die with Dignity law and go out on my terms
  8. Glenn Frey, 67

  9. Dean Gone 20 Years 12/25

    and we still miss him.....
  10. Dean's New Show Touring

    I know that when I saw Deana Martin perform last year , she did a duet with her father on the screen like Natalie Cole did with hers..... since the Dean Martin estate approved this tour, I wonder if Deana will attempt another duet with Dad......
  11. Dean's New Show Touring

    you think Jerry could sing Side by Side with the hologrammed Dean? since they traded lines of the song anyway....
  12. Deana Interview about JL

    attended her show in Cape May NJ last year and met her afterwards.....very gracious and nice woman. I will be seeing her act in Philadelphia in October again.
  13. Barbara Marx Sinatra

    I remember reading when Dean and Jerry were having trouble in 1954 that Groucho wrote both of them a letter stating concern for the act and saying "show business needs you"...telling them "if there are ill feelings , to sit down alone and talk it out"...reportedly he sent it to both partners but only Jerry responded , thanking Groucho and noting his sound judgment. ...and he took his advice , sat down with Dean and things settled down.... of course, this was early on. Maybe the rift happened later on as Joe stated because Harpo had died in 1964......
  14. Barbara Marx Sinatra

    What was behind JL's dislike for Groucho?