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  1. Kennedy Center Honors nomination process

    Ain't gonna happen. Trust me.
  2. This is the same street that all the strip clubs and adult oriented businesses are on... this has been a topic of debate in Vegas for sometime now.

    This is absolutely hysterical.... Good for them.... just amazed.
  4. AMEN! I met Billy on three separate occasions... great human being, and great talent... who gives a crap if he's gay?
  5. "Jerry Lewis and Me" in San Francisco

    Guy is a schmuck. Plain and simple.
  6. Very sad. Interestingly enough, John Kats (the same reporter who reports on many of JLs stories) has been a champ in reporting this story all day - via blog and Twitter.
  7. Deana Martin

    "I heard she got arrested, for loitering in front of a band"
  8. Composer Marvin Hamlisch dies at age 68

  9. Richard Adler

    THE SCREENING ROOM: Remembering the Music of Richard Adler (Video) By Playbill Staff 22 Jun 2012 Broadway songwriter Richard Adler, who delivered the hits "Hey There," "Steam Heat" and "Whatever Lola Wants" to Broadway – and the American Songbook – died June 21 at the age of 90. Adler and his Pajama Game and Damn Yankees writing partner Jerry Ross were writing Broadway musicals at a time when Broadway songs regularly crossed over to radio and the catalogue of American standards. Playbill has collected some favorite renditions of Adler and Ross' tunes. http://www.playbill.com/news/article/167370-THE-SCREENING-ROOM-Remembering-the-Music-of-Richard-Adler-Video/pg1
  10. Sidney Lumet 1924 - 2011

    I need new glasses.... I swear this said "Stan Laurel 1924-2011" .... oh jeeze
  11. Mickey Rooney

    This is an article from a man who often blogs about JL, named Scott Marks... Needless to say he is a bit of an oddball.... But there is some great video of Rooney's testimony... There is nothing funny about it... Regardless of what the author of the post says: http://www.emulsioncompulsion.com/2011/03/03/rants/mickey-rooney-gives-his-best-performance-in-over-30-years#more-4637
  12. Len also played in Everybody Loves Raymond. His tagline there was "Hey everybody! RAYS HERE!!!!" Loved Len.... great comedian.
  13. Actor Tom Bosley dies at 83

    Bless you Father Dowling!
  14. Joey Lewis Dead at 45, Son #6.

    Glad I missed this... ohy ... I feel sorry for the entire bunch ... bad enough to lose a member of your family, and worse under those conditions... but to have it aired out in public for all to see... is well sickening.