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    That cant be right Joe....Thons dont work anymore ...At least that's what I read a few weeks back...They couldn't possibly be wrong.....right?
  2. Stan Freberg, 88

    This one hurts ...I loved Stans work since I was 16...Truly a brilliant man, His book "It Only Hurts When I Laugh" is a great read...
  3. The waiting list to The registry to Dolce' an Gabbana is rather long...... Happy for him....Still cant forgive him for "Copacabana" tho....
  4. Cynthia Lennon Dead at 75

    She really did Audi...but as you said, she always took the high road...Its scary how much Julian looked (and sounded) like his dad ..
  5. Rosie is Back-Unfortunately

  6. Rosie is Back-Unfortunately

    ask Artie Forrest about her......
  7. Next thing you know Mike Brady will come out too.......all kidding aside, Billy is a truly kind and thoroughly decent young man.....I wish him nothing but love and success.
  8. Car Talk's Tom Magliozzi

    Loved that show... " Dont Drive Like MY Brother!!!"....Funny stuff.....
  9. Brilliant talent....RIP Jan & Thanks for the laughs
  10. Joan Rivers Dead at 81

    Its a perfectly heart wrenching and plausible story, lets not mess it up with some bothersome fact checking...right?...Lazy, incompetent piss poor excuses for journalists.....
  11. Joan Rivers Dead at 81

    I think you're right Joe...As for getting the media attention Jerry deserves, I doubt it ....I'm sure I will be called for commentary....lol..."Jerry Lewis?...never heard of him..."
  12. Joan Rivers Dead at 81

    Joan Rivers died? How did I miss this?..Was it on the news? (tongue planted firmly in cheek).......
  13. Shecky Greene Quits Friars Club

    Since he became abbott, Lewis always maintained that the language most of the performers use is inappropriate and had been trying to get them to clean it up....there was much support for this, but not much ever became of it. Having said that, Lewis dropped a well placed F-Bomb during the Tarantino roast a few years back...Let he without sin.....well, you know the rest....
  14. "Jerry Lewis and Me" in San Francisco

    Here is perfect description...all the charm, tact and class of rick saphire only less talented..
  15. "Jerry Lewis and Me" in San Francisco

    Someone needs to put him out of everyones misery......he is a disease....not to mention a pathological liar.