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  1. Frank Sinatra Jr. dead at 72

    What a damn shame. Frank Jr. had a great voice, just like his father. R.I.P.
  2. Sadly, we have lost another legend. This has been a bad year so far for that.
  3. Well, Mr. Manilow is, what, 71 years old now? I wouldn't be surprised if his shows were a little shorter at that age.
  4. Congrats to a great singer/songwriter/showman. I grew up listening to his music. Barry, why did you wait so long to get married?
  5. James Best Dead at 88

    James Best played my favorite character on Dukes Of Hazzard. He was great in that role, very funny. So sad that we have lost him. I didn't realize he was that old!
  6. What a loss. Leonard Nimoy was a very talented individual and a good guy. He will be greatly missed. His character on Star Trek was iconic.
  7. Joel Grey Says He's Gay at 82

    I think it's silly that in this day and age people feel that they have to 'come out' as gay. It really shouldn't matter. In a perfect world...
  8. Robin Williams, 63

    I heard about this a couple of hours ago. I couldn't believe it. I was hoping that it was a hoax. What a terrible loss, not just to his fans, but to his famly.