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  1. Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99

    I addition to what the article says below, she of course starred with Dean and Jerry in 3 Ring Circus, and made appearances on JL's '67-'68 NBC series. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/18/movies/zsa-zsa-gabor-often-married-actress-known-for-glamour-dies.html?_r=0
  2. Woody Allen

    I never liked him either. I don't think I can watch any movie with him actually in it. Magic in the Moonlight (2014) is the only movie that I've seen of his that he directed. I found the writing very smart, and I loved Colin Firth's and Emma Stone's characters. It's probably one of my favorite movies of recent years. I think it's great that he keeps going for period setting movies (Magic in the Moonlight was set in the 30's). I think I would be interested in seeing others that he directed in recent times. I just have no interest in seeing movies with him in them, since they look annoying. Plus the whole weird molestation thing with him towards children in his personal life, makes me disgusted.
  3. Pierre Etaix, 87

    Pierre Etaix died on 10/14, he was 87. He of course was in TDTCC with JL. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/16/movies/pierre-etaix-dead.html?_r=1
  4. Sonny and Cher Reruns

    @aajjgg Only one episode is on youtube. He guested twice more.
  5. Jeanne Martin

    There's misinformation in that last article about when she met Dean and Jerry of course. She met them when she was crowned Orange Bowl queen, and Dean introduced her during the M&L on stage with them, and she knew them before they even went to Hollywood which was still in '48. She of course went to Hollywood and pursued Dean there. From the MSN article timeline they gave, she met Dean much later which isn't so. I suppose the way Dean and Jeanne met has had so many variations throughout time, similar to the variations of the story of how Dean and Jerry met.
  6. Jeanne Martin

    News from the Martin family on twitter/facebook, etc is that Dean's ex wife Jeanne passed away today. Not sure precisely how old she was since I cannot find her exact birth date anywhere, but she was obviously definitely in her late 80's. I'm sure we will get more information soon.
  7. The ones that I've posted elsewhere from the 70's were better appearances, but this one will do at least. Good thing you said something about it Joe, my dvr doesn't list Jerry as being on that episode and also decided not to set up to record that particular episode for me, even though I have the series set to record always. Update: Just looked at the website and they don't list who will be on for the Tuesday May 31/(repeat) May 1st early morning episode, at all. Was it listed on your dvr Joe?
  8. I'm waiting to be able to download the rest of the episode. I can only download so many clips of The Tonight Show per month. Dick Cavett was on last night and was talking to Johnny about writing for him on the Tonight Show back in '64, and brought up that it was right after he had written for that terrible Jerry Lewis show that was forgotten and that ABC was probably still paying for. He was pretty snarky about it.
  9. The Jack Benny episode was one of the best so far. The Red Buttons episode was hysterical also.
  10. Mel Brooks went off for a whole hour, even during that last guest's segment. It was hilarious. I'll check to see what year the ones I have are from. Definitely one is the last show he did with Carson promoting Slapstick. I think the other is from '73.
  11. I have the other episode appearances, but I have to edit them, and they have a watermark like the '72 episode I posted last month.
  12. Gigot is an excellent film! I forgot it was directed by Gene Kelly. Great work.
  13. The Oscar Controversy

    @stanleybelt I think his accent was fine. I was actually surprised that he did so well with it. My mother actually works with a fellow employee that is Nigerian, and Will Smith's accent wasn't that much different. It definitely wasn't laughable. Will Smith was nominated for a golden globe for this performance, so it wasn't unworthy of an academy nomination.
  14. The Oscar Controversy

    I highly disagree with everyone's comments on Will Smith, the Concussion film, and his performance. Yes, I am a Will Smith fan, but there have been some films of his that I have not liked. This was one of his best performances! He should've been nominated! As for the film, it was great. The theme of the film could have easily been boring, but he made the film very compelling to watch. The Pursuit of Happyness rates slightly higher than this as his best film for me. I don't think he should be playing the race card as to why he wasn't nominated, but I would be upset if I was him too, because he did put in one of his best performances. @ audi Illuminati satanic trash or not and politics aside, I've always liked Will Smith and his personality in real life and on screen.
  15. I get most of the jokes, and I'm young. If you know enough about pop culture and history of the time period, it's easy to understand and laugh at the jokes on the show. It's really no different than some of the M&L and JL jokes, that are about the culture of that time period. Like when Jerry makes jokes about Edsels for instance.