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  1. Died Roberto Bolaños (El Chavo)

    Fans of Roberto Bolaños crowd Azteca stadium to goodbye to Chaves The body of Roberto Bolaños, creator of the series "Keys" and "Chapolin", arrived Sunday (30) to the stadium Azteca in Mexico City, for an open wake her fans. Thousands participate in the farewell to comedian - many of you wear costumes. Promoted by Televisa station, the tribute is called "Chespirito: Thank you for always" in reference to the nickname by which Bolaños was known. He died on Friday (28) at age 85 at his home in the city of Cancun. Died of respiratory failure and complications with diabetes.
  2. Robin Williams, 63


    I'm sorry Randy. Keep praying. Yes, the big day and prepared by God we meet again people so dear.
  4. Picolina comedian, died in Brazil

    Yes Boo. You spoke very well. It is true. Thank you for your words so wise.
  5. Picolina comedian, died in Brazil

    It's a man. The comedian named "Picolina". The comedian showed up dressed as a woman, short stature, thin voice, very talkative, super funny. The Comedian represents a fancy woman. In this video the comedian appears playing in the beach sands of the capital Fortaleza in the state of Ceará in Brazil. Worth seeing him in amusement.
  6. Picolina comedian, died in Brazil

    The comedian "Picolina" 34 years.
  7. Picolina comedian, died in Brazil

    The comedian known as "Picolina" was found dead at his residence in Brazil. The skill has yet to clarify the causes of death. Humorist "Picolina" lived alone and worked making appearances on TV shows. All the people open a smile with the comedian "Picolina". Video: Gave hunger in small Humorita "Picolina". He ate his friend did not pay the bill he had to pay and washed all the dishes and silverware of restaurant.
  8. Deanna Durbin

  9. Lewis and Martin

    Then Jerry yells: Hey Dean !
  10. Lewis and Martin

    A photo really amazing. Dean surprises everyone looks. :J-Clapping: Note the expression of Jerry!
  11. My Way_Paul Anka Tells All

  12. The famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, who revolutionized modern architecture and was one of the creators of Brasilia, died a few days of completing 105 years. BRAZIL