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    Collecting actual rare candid photographs of JL and other assorted JL memorabilia for my tribute Tumblr (www.behindthehiddenmask.tumblr.com) site and tribute website (www.behindthehiddenmask.com) from various sources like eBay, movie memorabilia shows, and other valuable souces, travel, swimming, walking, going to JL events when I'm able to, casino - especially blackjack and craps, reading, using my i-Pad, and other fun things!
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  1. Met him once at Chiller Theatre. He thought I was JL's son Chris and introduced me as him. LOL!
  2. Where did he sign your book Joe?
  3. Gary Marshall...

    Just learned director/actor Gary Marshall passed away.
  4. George Kennedy Dead at 91

    What a shame! I always liked his roles especially in Cool Hand Luke.
  5. Martin Milner Dead at 83

    I always liked him and the characters he played. Rest in peace.
  6. What a shame! I always liked him as a person and as an actor. The photograph above was taken two years ago at an event in New Jersey. He'll definately be missed by us Dallas fans. I wonder how they'll write his death in the new series. Should be pretty interesting.
  7. I am sad to hear of his passing. I met him at a philaharmonic concert last year and again this year in NYC at a charity event. The man was very personable and kind, and full of answers when I asked him about his role in the NP musical. May he rest in peace.
  8. Donna Summer...

    We seem to be losing a lot of music's legends. I think it's sad but unfortunately death is a sad part of life. I wish some musical legends were still around. It would be interesting to see what would've happened to certain legends like Elvis were still around and you cannot help but wonder what would've happened to their careers.
  9. Dick Clark Dead at 82

    This is very sad. He was an innovator when it came to television. God bless his soul.