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  1. Debbie Reynolds Dead at 84

    This one has me crying. Literally. A big part of my teenage years. A marvelously strong spirit. That spirit, after so many hard blows, unbroken until losing Carrie. Todd is alone now, losing his father (such as he was) his sister, and now his beautiful mother. I am so sad. I will never forget Debbie.
  2. Anita Ekberg Broke

    You know what aggravates me, as well as their not getting insurance, or saving or investing money? Everybody is a legend!! It takes the true meaning of legendary away. That just irks me so much.
  3. Don't know about that, but this is sure interesting!! http://www.cielodrive.com/deana-martin-trial-testimony.php
  4. Dean Marin 97th Birthday Tribute.

    Thank you. That is just absolutely beautiful. I love both Dean and Jerry, since 1949, and this brought tears to my eyes. Very, very nice. Jeanette
  5. "Jerry Lewis and Me" in San Francisco

    "Here is perfect description...all the charm, tact and class of rick saphire only less talented.." You know Dave, when I started reading the text, before I saw the image, I thought it WAS rick saphire...
  6. "Jerry Lewis and Me" in San Francisco

    He also claims to have been there when Jerry collapsed in London, and was the producer of the charity show there where it happened. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:TyHqkhN3ByIJ:www.stampedefest.org/jerry.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0338355/
  7. Monkees Davy Jones Dead at 66

    I just saw an ad on GSN that an episode of The Newlywed Game with Davy Jones as one of the newlyweds is on tomorrow evening (Tuesday)
  8. Cliff Robertson 1923-2011

    Cary Grant was married to Barbara Hutton, who was the heiress. Betty Hutton was a movie comedienne.
  9. That's a sweet thought, Randie. Thanks for posting that Indy, it was great to see. Not sure which kids they were, but Alexander was the one with Deanna at the Grammys. I am taping the Oscars as well, and do expect a much different result. This is a huge honor at that ceremony. I'm like Boobalack, though, just not into the current crowd. I love to see Billy Crystal do openings, though.
  10. I taped it to avoid watching the whole thing. I have no idea who any of those people are, and don't care to. I stopped fast forwarding for each of the Lifetime Achievment awards. Apparently, they wanted to use the new people to "honor" the awardees. Hence, in Dean's case, 4 people came out after he was mentioned and were supposed to be the new rat pack. What a joke. Especially since they weren't giving the award to the rat pack. Whatever it was they sang (I left after a few seconds) it wasn't one of Dean Martin's hits. The five seconds of Deanna sitting with Dean's grandson was stupid. They should have been on stage accepting the award. Nobody was given the award for any of them. Queen Latifah was the one who brought Dean up (10 seconds there) and mentioned his "cool" but not his accomplishments. I agree it was a shame. It was totally disgusting. They should have just not done it at all.
  11. Jerry Lewis LIVE in Tucson, AZ Dec. 11 ?

    It was "For Once In My Life." Thanks, Spocky!! He said to skip the medley, but didn't give any clue about the name of the single song he skipped. He didn't sing Just Because We're Kids or "Dumb Songs." No other songs were added either. And I forgot to mention that when he was insulting audience members who came to the mike he said one was a fag. It was off-hand like, but audible, and everyone laughed.
  12. Jerry Lewis LIVE in Tucson, AZ Dec. 11 ?

    :J-Hi: I will do my best here. I expected to see a post by Helene, who came home yesterday. We just drove home from Phoenix, having driven there from Tucson yesterday. I am pretty tired. Please bear with me. We had some problems Wednesday getting to Phoenix, and a late start and some hold ups on Thursday as well, so there wasn't a lot a time between arrival and the time the doors opened. We made contact with Helene and met up with her at a restaurant right outside the theater. As we walked in Helene was a step or two behind me and asked if I hear the news, and I asked what news. She said what sounded like Jerry getting the Hersholdt award, but I figured that couldn't be right, so I asked her again. Well, I am not normally very demonstrative, but I nearly went nuts in that restaurant!! The only one of these recent concerts I was at was the one in Indio, so I have to compare it to just that. The venue was much nicer. The floor was carpeted, the chairs were non-folding, and upholstered. The kind that connect to each other. The whole thing looked pretty nice. Helene was in about row 5 and we were in 11. We could see really well!! Jerry looked great, and sounded great. He stood center stage by the piano, at the microphone, most of the time, whereas in Indio he sat in a chair on the left side of the stage most of the time. He could lean casually on the piano. He sang Old Black Magic, and I heard my husband go Wow! The show was basically the same, but the legend was stronger and more chipper He had the cue guy skip the medley and another song, but did the Announcer's Test and the typewriter schtick. I noticed the typewriter one was not just right, and after it ended he complained that they still didn't have the right track after all this time. Most people out there wouldn't have noticed any thing wrong with it, including my husband. He sat down on the band riser to talk about Sammy, Dean and Frank, and said he would be 83 in March, so hoped we wouldn't mind. He also sat back there to sing Somebody, from Cinderfella. He sang another "wow" song, but I can't remember which one right this minute (I'm no spring chicken, either, LOL) I do remember crying through it, like I do everytime he does a chandelier-breaker. I am just so thrilled at his ability to keep this up. What a miracle this man is!! During the Q and A there were a lot of people telling him how much they love him, asking for hugs and autographs, and a few questions. But the topper was when Helene took the mike and congratulated him on the Hersholdt selection, telling him it was way way overdue. As the audience responded, he put his arm out full-length, thumb up, with a huge, pleased smile. Way to go, Helene!! He ended the show with a big finish (the song I can't remember right now) and as soon as he got backstage (we could see in the opening of the back curtain on our end of the stage) they gave him oxygen, and he came back out and bowed, and introduced the band leader (I think he either forgot, or wanted to exit on his last triumphant note first.) Then, back of the stage again, he went back on oxygen and into the wheel chair, whisked away. I never saw Sam or Dani, but I had gone to the restroom about a half hour before the show started, and my husband wouldn't have recognized them if they had walked in at that time. This was way better than Indio, and my husband remarked on that several times. He was especially vocal about Jerry's strong voice and sharp mind. I wish I could remember that darn song.......
  13. Jerry Lewis LIVE in Tucson, AZ Dec. 11 ?

    Thanks, Boo!! I was hoping there would be more of us, too. But glad to have at least one. It's nice to know someone else when you go to a big place.
  14. Jerry Lewis LIVE in Tucson, AZ Dec. 11 ?

    :J-Clapping: Oh, good!! Yes, I remember also. We are section 102, row L, seats 5 and 6. Can't wait!! :J-Clapping:
  15. Jerry Lewis LIVE in Tucson, AZ Dec. 11 ?

    So is anyone joining us at this event? We are driving to Phoenix on Wednesday, staying the night with husband's daughter's family, then on to Tucson Thursday morning. We will see the show that night, stay at the hotel, then go back to the daughter's house on Friday, and stay the night, coming home on Saturday. I have the tickets, from Ticketmaster, in my possession this time. Can't make me move.