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  1. Jonathan Demme, 73

    A nice memorial in the LA Times for one of the most well-liked of film directors: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-jonathan-demme-appreciation-20170426-htmlstory.html
  2. Rickles, 90

    Again, nice job by Kimmel having these guys on. A shame what Stamos says about Don wanting the Kennedy Center nod. Rings a familiar note to us here.
  3. Rickles, 90

    Yeah, right? Not a huge sacrifice for most people, but very good of Adam to show the respect.
  4. Rickles, 90

    Adam Sandler was the scheduled guest, and for one of the few times in his life -- the only time that I know of as a talk show guest -- he actually wore a suit.
  5. Rickles, 90

    Nice tweet from Rock: https://twitter.com/chrisrock/status/850092376597164032
  6. Rickles, 90

    So long to an all-time great comic. Had been one of Jerry's last living peers and friends from the good old days.
  7. Laurel and Hardy

    A donation page for the support of UCLA Archive's ongoing restoration work on Laurel & Hardy's films: https://www.cinema.ucla.edu/support/laurel-and-hardy
  8. Leonard Cohen, 82

    Another artist hero gone in 2016. RIP, LC.
  9. Kevin Meaney dies at 60

    Was sad to hear this. Sweet guy seemingly and a good stand up. Jim Gaffigan owes a hell of a big debt to Meaney for his style.
  10. Pierre Etaix, 87

    Besides the beautiful movies he made, Etaix came from a tradition of clowning that Jerry understood and probably even envied. The documentary extra on Criterion's Etaix set shows Jerry talking about their meeting. They were sort of brothers under the skin after Jerry saw Yoyo. JL must have been as sad as anyone to hear he'd passed. RIP
  11. Gene Wilder, 83

    Aw, that's nice, though. I liked learning in the letter from his nephew that he had Western movie marathons. One of my favorite lines in any movie is said by The Waco Kid. Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein references were everywhere yesterday, but I didn't see: "Nowhere special... I always wanted to go there." Only Gene Wilder would have read that line he way he did.
  12. Gene Wilder, 83

  13. Jeanne Martin

    When Ricci's obituary notices appeared, they were a reminder (not an appropriate thought to share at the time) that Jeanne was still with us. Surely the love of Dean's life. Condolences to the family.
  14. Damn, I missed that. Unfortunately I did tune in last night for Robert Blake. The punchline of one of his anecdotes, cheating advice Wally Cox gave him, was if such-and-such happens, "shoot her." Then he talked about shooting animals as a child. Heartwarming time capsule!